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    We at Otofonix encourage you to speak with an audiologist or other healthcare professional if you have a specific area of concern or need hearing health guidance. With many audiologists near Glendale, CA to choose from, we’ve compiled a directory of highly reputable, local hearing specialists to simplify your search. 

    What’s the difference between ear doctors, audiologists, and hearing specialists? What exactly do they each specialize in? Categories of hearing care professionals may seem a little confusing. The types you may encounter on your hearing journey differ in both their education as well as their specialized skills. 

    Audiologist in Glendale, CA Are Licensed

    An audiologist is a licensed hearing health care professional who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss. They normally have an undergraduate degree in communication sciences and disorders, and then have completed a 4 year AuD program.

    Services offered by audiologists include:
    • Hearing and speech rehabilitation programs
    • Comprehensive hearing exams
    • Treatment for balance disorders and tinnitus
    • Fitting, adjustment, and maintenance of hearing devices

    Otolaryngologist in Glendale, CA Are Also Licensed

    Otolaryngologists, or "ear doctors" as they're sometimes referred to, are medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with the ears, nose, and throat. They are trained in both medicine and surgery, and typically treat the different types of profound hearing loss that require surgical treatment, like the cochlear implant. Otolaryngologists will often refer patients to an audiologist for the prescription and fitting of traditional, digital hearing aids. 

    No matter which specialist you end up choosing to help you with diagnosing your hearing severity and needs - the most important factor overall is the experience they provide you with. This should include a comprehensive approach to diagnosing, treating, and evaluating your hearing. Teaming up with a professional who listens to your needs, gives you all the available options, and allows you to choose what is going to work best for your unique situation is critical to the success of your hearing journey.